BEE the Future of Funtech.

Our vision is to make participating in decentralized finance look fun and feel easy by creating an on-line environment that makes it understandable and enjoyable. We put the fun in fintech.

Co-Bee Validator Node

CO-Bee Labs will be backed by our participation on the Solana Network. By offering a secure non-custodial staking service we will help keep the Solana network decentralized and secure. We will provide high grade custom-built computing resources and together we can help power the fastest blockchain in the world and keep it censorship resistant.


Hard Work

Some of the hardest working insects on our planet are the Honey Bees. They have the ability to work from dawn until dusk depending on their role within the hive. We strive to embody these characteristics; knowing our roles and working hard.


Working together to build a company that is fun and rewarding comes from the realization that no one can not do it alone, just as a honey bee hive is not built by one honey bee. Communication amongst each role player and execution is key to creating that sweet sweet honey which leads us to prosperity.


All the hard work and cooperation makes sense when a swarm is protecting the queen and creating more worker bees that produce more honey. Living in this cycle is a sign of success and well being. This natural example of a thriving community in a flourishing state; a sign of good fortune is what we live to BEE.

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